CHAMPS Chats: Partnering With Your Community

Learn how to make connections and support breastfeeding in your community during our next CHAMPS CHATS webinar.

Speakers: The webinar will be led by CHAMPS National coaches Kimarie Bugg, DNP, MPH, IBCLC, CLC, Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) and Change Leader of Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE); Camie Goldhammer, MSW, LICSW, IBCLC (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyaté), clinical social worker, lactation consultant, full-spectrum Indigenous Doula, and Founding Executive Director of Hummingbird Indigenous Family Services; and Cathy Carothers, BLA, IBCLC, FILCA, is a national breastfeeding promotion and support expert and Co-Director of Every Mother, Inc.

When: Tuesday, May 14, 2024 | 12 pm – 1 pm ET

Register: This webinar is open to health care facilities and community partners. Register online here: bit.ly/44kXfzc.

Making exclusive breastfeeding a reality….one mom at a time: Reflections from the Executive Director of the US’ biggest Local Agency WIC program

When: March 23, 2023 | 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm ET

Where: https://bostonmedicalcenter.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ZK5GS4ThSeesFvPlPGNpWQ


October 24th, 2023: View Recording
CHAMPS National Informational Webinar


August 2nd, 2023: View Recording | Explore the MS WINS Toolkit & Resources
Mississippi WINS: When We Support Breastfeeding at Work


March 23rd, 2023: View Recording | Download Slides | Download PHFE WIC Red, Yellow, Green Chart
Making exclusive breastfeeding a reality….one mom at a time: Reflections from the Executive Director of the US’ biggest Local Agency WIC program
October  26th, 2023:
CHAMPS Virtual Train-the-Trainer Course


September 29th, 2022: View Recording | Download Slides
AAP Updates Its Recommendations for Breastfeeding

June 22nd, 2022: View Recording | Download Slides
CHAMPS Mississippi Wins: Enhancing Lactation Support for Hospital Employees


June 23rd, 2021: View Recording | Download Slides
CHAMPS Begins Mississippi WINS: Workplaces Improving Nursing Support 

April 14th, 2021: View Recording | Download Slides
Updates From Baby-Friendly USA: Launching Virtual Assessments and Revising Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria 

March 10th, 2021: View Recording | Download Slides
Community Breastfeeding Support: The Latest From Mississippi

February 3rd, 2021: View Recording | Download Slides | Download Handout
Know the Law: Breastfeeding Legislation and Workplace Initiatives in Mississippi



November 11th, 2020: View Recording Download Slides
Frontline Workers: Nursing Experiences During the Pandemic and Beyond

October 28th, 2020: View Recording Download Slides
CHAMPS COVID-19 Survey Results and Next Steps in Mississippi

October 14th, 2020: View Recording | Download Slides
Baby-Friendly USA and the Virtual World: Innovative Assessment and More

September 30th, 2020: View Recording: Presentation 1 | View Recording: Presentation 2 | Download Slides
Frontline Research: Human Milk and Lactation During the COVID-19 Crisis

September 16th, 2020: View Recording Download Slides
Reflections from the Field: MCH Care Changes for Native Mamas

July 1st, 2020: View Recording Download Slides
Creative Hospital and Community Interventions During COVID-19

June 24th, 2020: View Recording Download Slides
Maternal Experiences: Childbirth Narratives in the Time of COVID-19

June 17th, 2020: View Recording Download Slides
Changes and Challenges to Newborn Care: COVID and Beyond

Celebrating Mississippi’s Actions from the Field: MCH Care Changes for Native Mamaschievements and What’s Next

May 27th, 2020: View Recording 1 | View Recording 2 | View Recording 3 | Download Slides
Lactation Care and COVID-19: Clinical Hubs Report Out

May 20th, 2020: View Recording 1 | View Recording 2 | Download Slides
Community Support (Re)Structures During COVID-19, From New York and Boston

May 13th, 2020: View Recording | Download Slides
First, Do No Harm: Evidence for Exclusive Breastfeeding in the First Week

May 6th, 2020: View Recording | Download Slides
The COVID-19 Pandemic: What You Can Do to Protect Human Milk and Breastfeeding

April 29th, 2020: View Recording | Download Slides
Maternity Practices During COVID-19: A Discussion

April 22nd, 2020: View Recording | Download Slides
COVID-19 and Maternity Care: Guidance from Italy

February 26th, 2020: View Recording | Download Slides
Crossing the T and Dotting the I’s in Designation: Organization and the Final Push


December 11th, 2019: Recording Unavailable | Download Slides
Inter-Professional Breastfeeding Education: The UMMC IPE

November 13th, 2019: View Recording | Download Slides
The BFUSA Onsite Assessment: Experiences and Advice from CHAMPS Hospitals

October 2nd, 2019: Recording Unavailable | Download Slides
Associations Between Breastfeeding Initiation and Infant Mortality in an Urban Population (Memphis, TN)

June 19th, 2019: View Recording | Download Slides
The Rose That Grew From Concrete: Sustainability in the Community

May 15th, 2019: View Recording | Download Slides
How to be Successful: Staffing & Sustainability at Baby-Friendly Hospitals

April 17th, 2019: View Recording | Download Slides
Infant Feeding in Emergencies: CHEER’s Work with Refugees in Greece

February 13th, 2019: View Recording | Download Slides
Human Milk Oligosaccharides: Benefits for the breastfed infant and beyond

January 9th, 2019: Recording UnavailableDownload Slides 
Sustaining Breastfeeding and the BFHI in Mississippi 


December 5th, 2018: View Recording | Download Slides 
BFUSA Discusses Updates to the Ten Steps

November 7th, 2018: Recording Unavailable | Download Slides 
Safe Formula Preparation Education: Who Needs It and When to Talk About It

October 3rd, 2018: View Recording | Download Slides 
Advancing Equity in Breastfeeding and Our Communities

September 26th, 2018: View Recording | Slides Unavailable
Safety Check: Avoiding Sentinel Events on the Journey Toward Baby-Friendly

June 13th, 2018: View Recording | Download Slides  
Dissemination Audit Tools- Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

May 16, 2018: View Recording | Download Slides 
Rooming-in: How Hospitals Are Reaching 80%

March 26, 2018: View Recording | Download Slides
CHEER and Shiprock Hospital Baby-Friendly Webinar

March 14, 2018: View Recording | Download Slides 
Jump Starting your Baby-Friendly Journey: Hospital Experiences

February 7, 2018: View Recording | Download Slides 
Centering Group Care

January 24, 2018: View Recording | Download Slides 
Making the Most of your Taskforce


December 06, 2017: View Recording | Slides Unavailable
Understanding the Baby-Friendly USA Fair Market Price Requirements

November 29, 2017: View Recording | Slides Unavailable 
Becoming a Breastfeeding-Friendly Office Practice

October 25, 2017: View Recording | Slides Unavailable 
Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi

June 21, 2017: Recording unavailable | Download Slides
CHAMPS: What Happens Next?

May 10, 2017: View Recording | Download Slides
Hospital Experiences: Preparing for a Baby-Friendly USA Assessment
Resources from presenter Kathy Parkes not available at this time: “BFHI Reassessment Stop Check Questions” | “Caution” | “Cheat Sheets” | “Keeping Abreast” | “Physicians”

March 15, 2017: View Recording | Download Slides 
Step by Step: Safe Implementation of Skin-to-Skin

March 8, 2017: View Recording | Download Slides
Code Compliance and Purchasing Formula

February 15, 2017: View Recording | Download Slides 
Breastfeeding Support in the Wake of Damning JAMA Editorials: What Should I Believe?


December 14, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides 
Hospital Experiences: Audit Tools – How We Used Them

November 19, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides 
Hospital Experiences: Staff Education

October 19, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides 
Hospital Experiences: Rooming-in

September 21, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides 
Hospital Experiences: Skin-to-Skin

June 22, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides 
Getting Hospital Leadership on Board

May 18, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides 
Creating a Prenatal Education Plan

April 6, 2016: View Recording | Slides Unavailable 
The CHAMPS Community and the Baby Cafe Model

March 16, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides 
Nursing Staff Issues and Baby-Friendly Practices

February 10, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Hypoglycemia: Sweet Strategies for Success

January 13, 2016: View Recording | Download Slides 
Making it Work: Supporting Hospital Employees with Breastfeeding


December 16, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
Leadership Strategies for BFHI

November 18, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
Community Transformers and Engagement

October 14, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
Step-by-Step to the 10 Steps: Myths, Mountains, and Mole Hills

September 16, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
Building a Baby-Friendly Taskforce

June 10, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
Rooming-In: Are you Really?

June 3, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
What’s the Joint Commission Changing About Breastfeeding Measurement?

May 13, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
How to Avoid Just One Bottle

April 22, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
Changing Minds and Moving On

March 25, 2015: View Recording | ​Download Slides 
“Why Not Just One Bottle?” Understanding the Risks of Supplementation

February 25, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides
Skin-to-Skin: A Best Practice in Newborn Care

January 21, 2015: View Recording | Download Slides 
Prenatal Breastfeeding Education or Fast Food Commercial?


September 18, 2014: View Recording | Download Slides
Communities and Hospitals Advancing Maternity Practice: New Orleans

September 15, 2014: View Recording | Download Slides 
Communities and Hospitals Advancing Maternity Practice: Mississippi


June 2014: Download Slides
Preparing for a Baby-Friendly Site Visit

March 2014: Download Slides
Rooming-in, Are You Really?

February 2014: Download Slides
Begin at the Very Beginning: “Baby-Friendly” Prenatal Care