2 MS CHAMPS hospitals re-designated as Baby-Friendly

CHAMPS is ending the year on a high note: Two Mississippi CHAMPS hospitals were recently re-designated as Baby-Friendly!

South Sunflower County Hospital provides critical, high-quality obstetrical care to its community as one of the few remaining rural hospitals delivering babies. The hospital has been a part of CHAMPS since 2014 and began its Baby-Friendly journey in the fall of 2015. In March 2018, South Sunflower became the third designated Baby-Friendly facility in Mississippi. Over the past five years, the hospital’s small but mighty team has been dedicated to quality improvement work and sustainability.

Located in Flowood, Mississippi, Merit Health River Oaks is known in its community as being a family-centered facility providing quality care. The hospital has been working with CHAMPS since 2017, determined to improve breastfeeding education, resources, and support. After five years of dedication and quality improvement work, the hospital was re-designated as Baby-Friendly on September 21, 2023.

CHEER looks forward to working with South Sunflower County Hospital and Merit Health River Oaks on sustainability and maintenance as they continue their Baby-Friendly journey.

View the list of Mississippi Baby-Friendly hospitals here.