Feb 5, 2024

Kirsten Krane and Anna Schmitt want public health to be simpler. More efficient, community-based, and empowering. That’s why they created Yarrow, a Montana-based consulting organization using evidence-based and culturally appropriate practices to meet the vibrant needs of communities.

The organization offers facilitation, evaluation, assessments, strategic planning, and other comprehensive services, focusing on issues affecting rural and Native communities. Yarrow has experience working with various clinical and public health programming, including emergency medicine, nutrition, maternal and child health, chronic disease, addiction, health equity, and direct healthcare services. Yarrow is currently working on a number of quality improvement projects including designing and facilitating the Montana Perinatal Quality Collaborative, as well as working with individual facilities around improving perinatal mental health systems in prenatal settings.

Kirsten and Anna share: “Yarrow is thrilled to be teaming up with CHAMPS National on this game-changing mission to boost breastfeeding rates and maternity care across the country! We’re ‘pumped”’ to connect with incredible staff and community members everywhere, and become part of this rockstar CHAMPS crew. Buckle up, everyone – it’s time to make some major waves for mamas and babies!”

Yarrow’s work to effect positive, systemic change in local public health systems is inspiring. CHEER is excited to collaborate with Kirsten and Anna on our new CHAMPS National project, and thrilled to celebrate Yarrow as our CHAMPion of the Week!