Dec 11, 2023

We’re celebrating a CHAMPS hospital this week. South Sunflower County Hospital in Indianola, Mississippi, is re-designated as Baby-Friendly!

South Sunflower provides critical, high-quality obstetrical care to its community as one of the few remaining rural hospitals delivering babies. The hospital has been a part of CHAMPS since 2014 and began its Baby-Friendly journey in the fall of 2015. In March 2018, South Sunflower became the third designated Baby-Friendly facility in Mississippi. Over the past five years, the hospital’s small but mighty team has been dedicated to quality improvement work and sustainability.

“The Baby-Friendly process of educating and supporting mothers has not only changed our relationships with our patients but has also strengthened our staff relationships,” shares Elizabeth “Betsy” Dawson, FNP-C, CHAMPS Team Lead and Family Nurse Practitioner at South Sunflower. “The impact that we have seen since becoming Baby-Friendly has been profound! Our patients are prepared when they arrive to deliver and have loved the experience they have received during and after delivery. They are educated, confident, and excited when they are discharged.”

Betsy adds, “We lost our dear Dr. Katherine Patterson who was the driving force behind becoming Baby-Friendly (pictured above). We will continue to keep her dream alive.”

Congratulations, South Sunflower, our CHAMPion of the Week!