May 2, 2022

Sarah Barowka Gilland, MD is a Family Physician in Picayune, Mississippi. She is featured for her commitment to breastfeeding her darling 2-month-old baby boy, Maverick, despite all the challenges she faced. After refusing to give up and formula feed, as suggested by their pediatrician, Sarah has directly breastfed, pumped, triple fed (direct breastfeeding, pumping after feedings, and then feeding the pumped milk to her baby), in addition to using a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) to get the extra milk to her baby so he can gain sufficient weight.

“I hope that as a physician I can now use my experience to empathize and help other breastfeeding moms when they experience challenges. Despite the difficulty of my personal breastfeeding experience, it has been so worth it! Now I make up to half of what he takes in a day and I have gotten a lot of support, it definitely takes a village.”

Sarah’s experience is a great example to other providers of the importance of knowing and connecting moms with the resources they need to breastfeeding successfully. Congratulations Sarah!