Feb 20, 2024

Crystina Hughes is passionate about creating birthing experiences designed by birthing individuals. As founder and CEO of Birthing By Your Design, Crystina offers doula services to expectant families in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and surrounding areas, including birth education, birth plan sessions, comfort measures sessions, labor support, cesarean support, lactation education sessions, and postpartum follow-up.

Crystina is a licensed practical nurse, DONA-trained doula, and lactation educator. She founded Birthing By Your Design to support individuals in creating positive birthing experiences based on their goals, preferences, and vision. As a DONA-trained birth doula, Crystina provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support before, during, and after childbirth.

Crystina Hughes, Jamilah Channel, and Franeisha Coleman teamed up to create the nonprofit Diamonds for Doulas.

In August 2023, Birthing By Your Design and Diamonds In The Rough (Crystina Hughes, Jamilah Channel, and Franeisha Coleman) teamed up to create Diamonds for Doulas, a nonprofit program providing doula support to clients who are Medicaid and WIC eligible through scholarships from sponsorships and donations. The program aims to combat Alabama’s high maternal mortality rate by providing accessible and equitable doula support.

“Advocacy through birth-work is so important to me as a doula,” shares Crystina. “Providing clients with birth options available to them to express their personal preferences and creating a birth space designed by clients is what makes being a doula so enjoyable!”

CHEER is inspired by Crystina’s dedication to supporting and empowering birthing people. We are thrilled to celebrate her as our CHAMPion of the Week!