Nov 14, 2016

Linda Tuggle, RNC-OB, BSN, is Clinical Director of Maternity Services at Methodist Olive Branch Hospital (MOBH) in Olive Branch, Mississippi. MOBH recently began their Baby-Friendly journey and is in the Development phase of the 4-D pathway. Linda was nominated as CHAMPion of the Week for her role in getting the Baby-Friendly process going and for her outstanding leadership regarding Baby-Friendly!

“It makes me very proud to know we are doing the right thing for our patients!” Linda shares. “We are a three hospital system, so we hope to be the first in our system to become designated.”

Linda shares that she is fortunate to work within a patient- and family-centered culture at MOBH. She says, “When I presented [the idea of Baby-Friendly] to senior leadership, they were excited and supportive of our efforts. I also have a very engaged staff who have breastfed themselves so they are willing to provide this for our patients. They witness the improved patient outcomes; this is an incentive for them to continue this process.”

Linda says that by beginning to implement the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, they are already seeing improvements in their breastfeeding rates, and their skin-to-skin rates for vaginal deliveries are also improving. She credits CHAMPS with helping them to achieve these improvements through education, support, and the sharing of ideas.

Linda has been a labor and delivery nurse for 24 years. Now that she is Director, she says she misses “being at the bedside every day,” but “enjoys the ability to provide everything my staff needs to render safe, high quality, evidence-based care to our patients.”

What personally motivates Linda to do this work? She says, “Having breastfed myself and witnessing the bond and love that occurs with this process, I didn’t need much convincing. I also understand the benefits of breastfeeding—that was enough to sell me on it! I will continue to support my team on this because I know it’s best for our moms and babies.”