Oct 5, 2015

​A native of Pace, Mississippi, Jacqueline Lambert works as a Lactation Specialist for both the Mississippi State Department of Health and for WIC. She was instrumental in representing WIC at several recent CHAMPS hospital site visits in the Mississippi Delta. She has worked long and hard on speaking up for disadvantaged mothers, and we are proud to have her helping us out with CHAMPS.
In addition to being a Lactation Specialist and breastfeeding advocate, Jacqueline is also a wife, mother, mentor, and pastor. She has 3 children (ages 23, 16, and 9) whom she breastfed for a total of 48 months between the 3. Jacqueline is dedicated to pursuing studies to complete her professional goals. Her next goal is to become a Certified Lactation Consultant, which, she believes, will help her fulfill her “passion to eliminate barriers that keep women of color from continuing to breastfeed.”

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