Jul 6, 2015

This week’s CHAMPion of the week, Christy Brooks, RN, IBCLC, was the first CHAMPS team lead to enter all the breastfeeding and practice data that CHAMPS is collecting, on all measures! Congratulations! Christy Brooks, born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, lives in Tipton County and is a full time lactation consultant at St. Francis Hospital Bartlett, TN. Upon graduating from nursing school in 1998 and beginning her career at a small rural hospital, Christy realized how many mothers were not breastfeeding their babies due to limited education. When Christy had issues breastfeeding her third child and did not have access to the resources she needed to be successful, she decided that she “needed to become a resource for other moms in our community”. Christy accomplished the first step in achieving this goal in 2006, when she became IBCLC certified, and then began working at St. Francis Hospital Bartlett. Christy started out working in the NICU and helping mother’s breastfeed whenever she had the time, but felt as if she wasn’t helping enough.
“My passion was to become a full time lactation consultant and gives moms the support and education they needed to feel comfortable with their plan to breastfeed.” After much hard work and dedication, along with support from the St. Francis Hospital Bartlett administration, Christy has now become the first full time lactation consultant at her hospital.
Christy is also a member of the Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care Exclusive Breastfeeding Promotion. “We have staff members that are now excited about breastfeeding and supporting our moms and community. We participate in the MID-South Baby and Kids Expo each year and promote breastfeeding, skin to skin and breastfeeding education.”
Christy is married with two sons, a daughter, and has two dogs. She and her family love to go camping in their RV, having just recently returned from a camping trip at Gulf Shores. Christy is a fervent moviegoer and an active member in her church. She is also co-chair of her children’s council.
Christy loves to see when a mom and baby bond through successful breastfeeding. “One of my goals is to become a Baby Friendly Hospital. One of the biggest accomplishments thus far working with CHAMPS has opened up opportunities for education and how we can connect with our community.” Christy looks forward to the great opportunities ahead, as St. Francis Hospital Bartlett and CHAMPS work together to achieve their goal of becoming Baby-Friendly.