Focus: My background in maternal child nursing has prompted a keen focus on improving outcomes for pregnant and postpartum people, their infants and families. This focus created a passion for Improvement Science, safe and respectful teamwork and the inclusion and uplifting of the voices and perspectives, from across all systems, that promote a continued focus on equitable access to optimal healthcare and the ongoing support and resources needed to establish sustained wellbeing.

Previous/Other Current Work: Maternal/child nursing for over 3 decades; 20+ years of experience leading and supporting international, national, regional, statewide and local quality improvement initiatives focused on improving breastfeeding rates, improving healthcare and the systems that impact maternal and infant mortality and morbidity and other healthcare and systems gaps that impact maternal, infant and child health outcomes; TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer working nationally for 20+ years training healthcare teams in inpatient and outpatient settings

Activities of Choice: I enjoy all active activities that give me access to a forest, a body of water and a great fire to sit near. When I do sit in the calm, I enjoy baking, reading, knitting, and learning from diverse voices that challenge my perspective and/or tackle all the questions I have.

Fun Fact: I participated in a 100 mile canoe trip in Northern Ontario and I have been spelunking, not on the same trip!

Work Email: