We’re looking to enroll 100 hospitals in CHAMPS National. Hospitals will receive free training and support from a diverse team of interdisciplinary experts to safely implement the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. We will prioritize hospitals that have high proportions of births to families less likely to breastfeed, and hospitals in regions with low breastfeeding rates and high rates of maternal and child morbidity and mortality.

If you are interested in enrolling your hospital in CHAMPS National, please click on one of the links below. After downloading and completing the form, email the PDF to champs.breastfeed@gmail.com.

Fillable Form

Printable Form


Does a hospital have to have a certain rate of breastfeeding initiation or exclusivity to be considered to take part in CHAMPS National?

No, no specific rate of initiation or exclusivity is required.

My hospital is part of a large hospital group. Do we apply as individual hospitals, or as a group?

Apply as individual hospitals, but note on the Expression of Interest Form if you are part of a hospital group or system (example: Indian Health Service).

Is the hospital Expression of Interest Form due by a certain date?

There is no absolute deadline. We expect that more hospitals will apply than can be accommodated, so early is better for early consideration.

Is it the expectation that a facility becomes Baby Friendly designated while in CHAMPS National?

No, hospitals are not expected to become Baby-Friendly designated.

If we are already a BFHI designated hospital would that exclude us from this project?

No, Baby-Friendly designation is not a reason for exclusion. It is, however, unlikely that hospitals which are already meeting the indicators for the Ten Steps at around 80% would need assistance from CHAMPS National.

Would participation in a previous program such as Empower Breastfeeding prevent us from being included in CHAMPS National?

No, inclusion in such a program would not prevent a hospital from being considered for inclusion in CHAMPS National, but see note above for hospitals that already meet indicators being unlikely to need our assistance.

Do hospitals have to have a certain number of births to be in CHAMPS National?

No, we anticipate that enrolled hospitals will vary in size and patient population.

Will hospitals be asked to share their facilities' mPINC report?

No, this will not be a requirement.

In general, about how long does it take to implement CHAMPS within a hospital/system?

If the hospital is fully on board, and leadership, providers, and maternity staff are receptive to practice change, it would take about 2 years for a hospital that is newly engaging with the Ten Steps to achieve 80% compliance with the indicators. Safety training and changes in practice take time to be implemented. However, the timeframe may vary based in part on hospital leadership, provider and staff buy-in.

Are there any costs associated with inclusion in CHAMPS National?

CHAMPS National will provide hospital coaching, clinician training, and resources for free. There is no direct cost to the facility associated with actual engagement with CHAMPS National. The hospital may incur some costs, for example, covering staff time if staff are engaged in CHAMPS National trainings.